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Pain in the Ask

As a search marketing professional (ie. geek) I am utterly amazed at the lack of business sense of They have made it sooo difficult even for an SEM Firm who has a client who is already spending $60,ooo/month on paid search. They must be allergic to business. Here’s what happens.

First of all, in order to setup an account, you will need to fill out a form and once it is filled out, you then have to wait to hear from someone. Well, that was the first "red flag" because it took (4+) phone calls, (2) form submissions, blog postings and emails to industry gurus such as Danny Sullivan. So after a little effective blogging and word of mouth, I finally got a call back.

Secondly, once I finally got the call, I was told to have my client fill out 2 forms, have it faxed back and then after all that, I have to download their Template and fill it with 100% of the current Google campaign keywords, cpc, etc… just so that I can prove that I will be spending enough $$ money with them.

Oh wait, it gets even better.  So then,  I called and told them that I just need an account so I can get started on creating and optimizing campaigns. NOPE. They rejected the excel file, which consisted of  liek 40 keywords from their main generic campaign. I was told it was not enough and didn’t do a good enough job to for them to say "OK, you are worthy of an account".

Now here’s the reasoning for all of this "Pre-work". They are required to tell the advertiser how much there budget should be. Here’s a little snippet " We will then decide on a monthly budget for the Insertion Order" 

So, their business practice to acquire a new client is to do the following:

  1. Drive them absolutely nuts and find every way to deter them from getting an account.
  2. Make them call 4+ times and have them wait impatiently by the phone.
  3. Create an enormous amount of work for them before ever signing up
  4. Then tell the client that they will decide on a monthly budge" for them.
  5. …And I sure there are more roadblocks in the near future.

I am not usually a "peeing in their cheerios" type of guy, but after being in this business for 9+ years, it’s really sad to have a company really go out of their way to not get business.

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