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Political Campaigns Make Big Push for Paid Search

For search marketers, this has always been a "no brainer". There is truly no downside to using this channel for getting out the vote, making donations, counteracting negative campaigning and most importantly getting the message for what the candidate stands for. Furthermore, there is even more upside when it compares to other media outlets such as and Television, Radio and Print. Why? because the online world even though still very new, is far more advanced with analytics and not only tracking the in-depth results, but also anticipating behavioral changes, and of course the ability to try lots of testing in little time. And to add more whip cream to this Win-Win Sundae, it is also much more cost effective because the people who are searching online about their political party, candidates names, running mates, issues, etc… have already established  "intent" and are already engaged. Furthermore, the likelihood of converting them in terms of an email address, volunteering and most importantly making a donation is much higher. A good example of this is the political campaign of Steve Sauerberg for U.S. Senate in Illinios where his campaign is planning on doing just that.

Why Paid Search is a must Platform for Politicians:
PPC has emerged as not only an effective channel to drive leads and sales for companies. It has become a persuasive vehicle to get the message out and test different messages amongst different demographics and psycho graphics.Why is this important? It enables the campaign staff and politicians themselves to react and see the results to their political stances as well as their competitors.

Paid Search a Catalyst for TV, Radio and Print:
There is no reason why Politicians should not use Paid Search as a research tool so they can get an understanding of which messaging or issues that they believe get the greater response. This makes complete sense, because what other channel not only enables them to reach an engaging mass public audience but also allows you to change, remove or add different messaging tactics with little to no time,  effort and especially COST!

Political Campaigns Seeing PPC as the Future:
We are already aware that 2008 Political candidates are using the Internet. But how many of them are getting the most out of it. Probably not many. In fact, an esteemed colleague of mine Liana Evans from is writing interesting, "in-depth" post about Political Internet Marketing especially their effectiveness within Social Media. Moreover, I know that there are a handful of U.S. Senatorial races where their respected campaign managers are reaching out to PPC as a vehicle to get the candidates messaging out and providing their voters with the ability to sign up for newsletters, volunteer and DONATE.

In conclusion:
This is a perfect marriage for both the Search Industry and Political Arena. In my eyes, their is a common goal of engaging the public, providing them with what they need so they alone can choose to decide for themselves what they want to buy or who they feel should be running the country.

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5 Responses to "Political Campaigns Make Big Push for Paid Search"

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    Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web….

  2. Joe says:

    Great post. If you do a quick search on any of the major search engines, you’d see that some of the so-called front running candidates are completely absent from Paid Search, while those that do have a presence, do so on a very limited range of keyword inventory – very limited, usually just names.
    I wrote a post about this subject a couple of weeks ago, I invite you to take a look at my blog if the subject interests you.

  3. Greg Meyers says:

    Joe, I like your post. In fact, I created an additional section to this blog post and added a link it. Good stuff!

  4. mutt says:

    great article!
    i really enjoy reading richard ball’s apogee weblog:
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  5. mutt says:

    great article!
    i really enjoy reading richard ball’s apogee weblog:
    he has a lot of great examples of opportunities in political paid search.

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