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PPC Landing Page Optimization | Why PPC Marketers Need To Be Sneaky Bastards

One of the biggest issues that most Search Marketers face is improving the Landing Page(s). In essence, the best PPC Campaigns will fail to meet and beat projected goals because of the landing page. For many companies, especially the smaller ones, the design and development of the LP is a monumental task and in order for the PPC Marketer to keep the client happy, they need to find 'transparent" ways to get a landing page design, developed and in "working condition" without having to bother the client's resources. In this post, I will provide some ideas on how to achieve this without annoying the client and yourself in the process.

The Landing Page Compromise:
How many times have you heard or even experienced the "little spat" over what landing page is better than the other. In many cases, a client will not only refuse to spend extra money or even overhead cost to build another Landing Page. So the best solution is to test both or multiple landing pages (these are already existing on website) and use the customer data to prove the winner of the debate. This also acts a great "primer" to find elements that work better than others and implement those areas on new LP's (if applicable). However, there is another way to get what you want….

Give Me FTP Directory Access, or Give Me Bad Results:
The PPC Marketer should make the investment to create your own LP at their own expense. I know this does not sound like a ton a business sense to the PPC Marketer in the short term, but will most likely have a great upside, especially of your contractual arrangement is performance based. The best way to achieve this is to ask your client's webmaster to grant you FTP Access to either a specific section on the web server or maybe a test server where you can design and develop the LP yourself and all the client needs to do is transfer the file contents over the live site so that it complies with Google's and Yahoo's requirements.

What Client's Don't Know, Doesn't Hurt Them:
I know this sounds so dirty and un-business-like, but honestly speaking, let the web analytics tell the story, not opinions. When it comes time to evaluate the results of the "behind the back" landing page, use web analytics to determine what worked and what didn't. If it turns out that the new LP generated more sales or leads, then the client is most likely going to be happy and want to continue that success. If that is the case, the initial investment (whether $$$ or time) was well worth it.

Remember, PPC is a double edged sword. Many companies are scared of it because they most likely had a bunch of "jack-asses" screw up their first experience by taking a percentage of spend and not monetizing and optimizing the PPC campaigns correctly, so it takes some time to get them back on the PPC Bandwagon.

Here are some great Landing Page Books that I recommend reading.

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  1. Many people get burnt by in experienced PPC professionals and have a hard time getting back into it. I have spoken with many individuals where this has happened.

  2. It’s so funny how PPC marketers tend to overlook the importance of a good landing page sometimes!
    Siobhan from Dragon Search

  3. Monitor your bidding amount, track your results, know your keywords, and create a compelling landing page. The landing page can be the difference between losing money and making money, or more importantly making money and making a ton of money.

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    great article !!

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    Very good point. Thanks for the reading suggestions. Do you have one on how to be sneaky? 🙂

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    Nice tips and good technique of Landing page.

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