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Hertz Rental Car Winning in PPC Marketing

iStock_000019453577XSmallThe Rental Car Industry is not only a $24 Billion Dollar Industry, it is also highly competitive landscape, especially within PPC Marketing and Social Media. According to the USA Today article entitled Rental car companies court customers on social media, author Garry Stoller interviews Unmetric CEO Lux Narayan and reveals that “Hertz has the best use of Twitter and the best YouTube channel, and Enterprise has the best use of Facebook. It’s interesting to find that the two largest rental-car companies in the world, Enterprise and Hertz, have found separate niches for building up their social-media presences.” However, when we analyze PPC, SEO and Social Media trends from the top Rental Car Companies (with the help of, we uncover another interesting mix of strategies, success and missteps. Lets discuss…


Average Adwords Daily Budgets (Per Day)

As you can see, Hertz spend the most in PPC, while their closest competitor is spending less than 1/2 of Hertz. In actuality, this is a very smart move by Enterprise because of their dominance in Organic Traffic. (see chart below). Budget comes in 2nd in PPC spend and similarly, they are struggling in Organic search traffic as well. So what does this mean? These companies know that in order to drive increased traffic without strong Organic Ranking, they are relying on PPC to drive their sales.



Average Adwords Clicks (Per Day):

As mentioned above with companies with poor SEO traffic volume, they are relying on PPC Marketing to drive the traffic for them. One of the biggest “take-a-ways” here is the lack of PPC budget and volume from Alamo considering that they have poor SEO Visibility as compared to the other competitors.



Average Organic Search Traffic Value (Per Day):

In this chart, we can easily see that Enterprise is the King of Organic Traffic in the Car Rental Industry. This is the main reason why they are not spending very much money in PPC. I am a little surprised by the lack of organic volume coming from National, as they are worst performing of all companies in this space.



Average Organic Clicks (Per Day)

This graph is almost identical to the one above and speaks volumes to the cost-effectiveness of the companies marketing team. Again, surprised by the lack of volume coming from National.




Facebook Likes Comparison:

This is a very interesting chart to analyze. Since we already know that companies that are doing poorly in Organic Search are relying on PPC Marketing to drive traffic, now lets see how they are connecting with users via Facebook. Once again, Enterprise has the upper arm on Facebook Likes, however it’s very interesting to see National (who has been non-existent in both PPC and SEO) utilizing Facebook as a means to drive traffic and awareness. Another intersting find that Hertz, who has been a strong #2 in this space is lagging behind even Alamo.


In Conclusion:

Analyzing the Rental Car Industry in Search Marketing is very interesting to say the least. The Online Marketing Strategies we see here are not that uncommon as compared to other industries. As you know, Rental Car Brands are forged into our minds from TV, Radio, Print and all of Travel. However, in the online world its alot more competitive and requires constant persuasion techniques to get their next customer.

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