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Reasons Why PPC Marketers Need To Be More Than Just PPC Marketers

Have you ever created a well thought out PPC Strategy supported by a strong foundation of relevancy from the campaign level down to the landing page level and you are finding yourself grasping at straws to increase conversions so that the client doesn’t think that their investment in you was not a waste? Well, there can be many reasons why the cash register is not ringing that are outside of your PPC efforts, and the only way to survive this is to provide the client with other strategies that will increase the opportunities for  conversions, even though they are not from PPC. This scenario happens more and more frequently and it’s been very effective not only resulting in more conversions, but gaining that all important trust by the client to keep your services. In this post, I will discuss why a PPC Marketer needs to also be an experienced SEO Marketer. Just because PPC & SEO are different to us, they are pretty much the same on a SERP.

Counteract with an SEO Strategy for High CPC Head Terms.
Even if you’re PPC campaigns are tightly structured and you have a good understanding of (1) what’s working, (2) what is not, (3) what has potential and (4) what just needs to be turned off, you are still NOT moving the needle and your PPC strategies “shelf life” is running out unless you can look at the big picture and provide the client with other options to gain leverage over their competitors.

This strategy of advising the client to build out SEO landing pages based on those expensive head terms that are NOT COST effective in PPC is not just about SEO, it’s about improving Usability & Monetization. The reasons behind an unsuccessful PPC campaign may not always be the structure, it has to do with outside issues like:

  • Cost of product/service
  • Shipping & Handling Fees
  • Overall Comparison Shopping
  • Delays in making Purchase (cookie)
  • Overall Shopping Experience

The bottom-line of suggesting an SEO strategy based on PPC data is simple. Why waste the client’s PPC Ad budget on something that is not working, but is valuable enough to keep pushing an audience to it. It’s much more cost-effective to provide this strategy to them and frequently results into creating an entire SEO strategy which can extend your monthly contract.

Understanding Web Analytics Installation:
Again, another important element in the life of a PPC Marketer. Whether your clients have a large IT Dept. or their nephew/niece helping out, it is the PPC Marketers job to either advise of direct the client on installing web analytics before any PPC dollars are spent. This can sometimes be a very difficult phase to get through if the client’s resources do not fully understand the where the code needs to be. For ecommerce sites, this is even more complicated for them. A big rule of thumb, make sure you understand the installation, funnels, conversions and obviously reporting and analysis. Because if you don’t, all of your hard PPC work will be down the drain.

Understand Google Landing Page Design and Usability:
I always say that if the Door to your Store is not opening correctly, people WILL NOT walk in and buy something. This is multiplied by 10x when it comes to an online store or normal website. Why? Online visitors can easily click a button and go somewhere else. That’s not as easy for them driving in a car. Good Usability is what makes the conversion happen. The PPC marketer’s job is to not only increase qualified visitors to the site they are also responsible for conversions. With that said, knowing the elements of a good Landing Page is crucial to a PPC strategies success. Whether you design and code the Landing Pages yourself, or provide examples of what works best, it’s important to communicate that the client.

In Conclusion:
A PPC Marketer these days needs to be a well-rounded and experienced Internet Marketer that understands everything “BEFORE” and “AFTER” the click. Paid Search is a very competitive and “living-n-breathing” advertising monster with little room for mistakes. In my opinion, what makes a good PPC marketer is not seeing them speak at a podium, write a book or teach a class. Moreover, it’s what they have done to improve the business for their clients and Word Of Mouth will set the record straight. Another important element is how they were able to think “outside the box” to increase conversions and created a brand loyalty through the Search Engines.

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2 Responses to "Reasons Why PPC Marketers Need To Be More Than Just PPC Marketers"

  1. Greg,

    You do a good job of explaining why PPC marketers need to be more than just their title. Even if you are showing clients great results, they will always want more and expect you to show them the path. Fair or unfair, PPC marketers must expand their repertoires.

    I would also add email marketing to your list of further initiatives. The points you speak of are also highly relevant in email campaigns and will show clients the breadth of your knowledge. You can also show clients that these PPC points are relevant with other mediums.

  2. Really good advice on viewing Internet Marketing as a whole and not just PPC campaigns alone.
    Your advice on Landing Pages is spot on – we’ve found Tim Ash’s book on Landing Page Optimisation really beneficial too for a holistic view.

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