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SEM is Instant – Good SEM is Gradual

There is a misconception in the online marketing world today that Paid Search can be an overnight phenonema that anyone with a computer and a little but of money can attract new customers for a fraction of print, radio or TV can provide. But is it really that inexpensive? The numbers are staggering.  According to SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization) it states that “SEM
was a $5.75 billion industry in North America in 2005, and will grow to
$11.1 billion in 2010.”

What this tells me is that there is alot of money being spent on paid search and nobody really knows if its paying off for them because as long as it’s cheaper that the other offline marketing channels, that is good enough for them. This is the #1 reason why Analytics and Good SEM are vital to profitable on-line marketing.

Paid search requires constant monitoring of keywords, bid positions and ad/creatives. In most cases, not all product categories will obtain a healthy ROAS % that is in line with actual product margins.  So, as we move on into 2007 and beyond, Web Analytics and smart SEM Gurus will be very busy.

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