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SEM & Online Retailer Nightmares

If you are an online retailer, you most likely have an affiliate program, a pretty large SEM budget and all your trying to do is move the revenue needle upward while trying to keep costs down in. But as in life, nothing is easy because you are finding this goal to be difficult because your running into all sorts of issues that are out of control. 

Let me guess, you are dealing with a few of the following issues.

  1. Affiliates and/or partners as well as competitors are bidding on my trademark
  2. Competition is driving the costs up and saturating the market
  3. Lost SEM revenue for products that are out of stock
  4. Forced to Pre-order certain products to get ahead of the curve
  5. Lack of new campaigns for new products on the website

…well, maybe I went a little overboard. But here’s the commonality. It is extremely valuable to have an experienced SEM guru who knows to play the game as well as plan around the "day to day" obstacles of your business. So you may be asking, okay Greg.. where are you going with this?

What I am saying is that there is an advantage of having a competent and experience Search Marketing Professional in-house dedicated and working on improving your business’s SEM  initiatives. They can dedicate all of their time to your business making sure that for every click  to your website is not only a qualified one, but that the visitor can find what they are searching for.

This is especially a hard act to follow if you are an online marketing agency because they do not always know when a new product comes to the website, nor are they working on your account 100% of the time.  Remember, agencies have many other clients to work on during the week, so it can be difficult to always "drive the bus". Weekly calls and pretty performance dashboards to prove it.

So, if your an online retailer who can afford to have an SEM expert working for you, you will have the competitive advantage to move the needle faster than any of your competitors

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