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SES NY 2010 Blog Coverage – Paid Search Super Tools

Session: Paid Search Super Tools

Preview/Summary: The competition is fierce in paid search! From small in-house
accounts to ones with millions of keywords, it’s the new advances in SEM
technology that might just make the difference between success and
failure. Are there tools you could be using right now to help double
your conversions, lower your costs, or save your team hours of time
every week? At this panel, top paid search tool vendors will showcase… more

  • Moderator:
    Mel Carson, Microsoft Advertising
    Community Manager, Microsoft Advertising

  • Speakers:
    Thomas Bindl, SES Advisory Board
    & Founder & CEO, Refined Labs GmbH
    Adam Goldberg, Chief Innovation
    Officer, ClearSaleing
    Richard Sim, VP of Product
    Management and Marketing, Anchor Intelligence
    Craig Danuloff, Founder and
    President, ClickEquations Inc.


In this “JAM PACKED” session, Mel Carson talks about how much everyone relies on PPC tools and why they are so important. Up first is Thomas Bindl of Refined Labs who goes though the some slides on analytics dashboards. He also says that technology helps reaches the goals setup by the adverisers.

  • lowers resources
  • more efficient
  • enables team work
  • centralized system
  • better performance
  • fixed costs to variable costs

Paid Search Tool History

  • Rule Based
  • Portfolio Based
  • Algorthmic mgmt and campaign mgmt.

Parts of Today’s Tools

  • Correct data
  • single reporting interface
  • aggregation and correlation of cost and income data
  • support for all different match types
  • integration of external data sources

What should you expect

  • KPI definitions
  • support for cancellations/returns
  • manual adjustment of bids
  • strategic groups
  • 2-way synchronization

What you cannot expect

  • completely eliminate for PPC mgmt work
  • understanding your industry
  • perfect system out of the box
  • in-housing of ppc mgmt without adding resources
  • support for all google/yahoo/msn functionality
  • comparability of tools without testing them

What is the Future?

  • Parity with platform functionality
  • more tools for automating campaign mgmt
  • better long tail support
  • more specialized versions
  • more control over actions
  • even better performance improvement
  • integration or more marketing channels

Next Up to the podium is Adam Goldberg and he talks about concepts, screen shots of his software. He starts off by talking about some bullet point from ClearSaleing

  • Cross Media Profit Tracking
  • Purchase Path Valuation

Advertising with a Purpose

  • Introduce
  • Influence (differentials)
  • Close (convert, upsell, LTV optimization)

Attribution as an Evolution

  • Display
  • Social Media
  • Re Targeting
  • Branded PPC

Purchase Path Options

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  1. ppc blog says:

    great blog, thanks. for those of us who could not make the conference would you be kind enough to put up some links to the these tools. I am sure I probably won’t be able to afford them but still great to know what is out there.

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