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» SES Conference Coverage » SES San Jose ’09 Day #3 – Advanced Paid Search Techniques

SES San Jose ’09 Day #3 – Advanced Paid Search Techniques

Session Name: Advanced Paid Search Techniques

Session Speakers/Panelists:
Chris Boggs, Thomas Bindl, Bill Lan, Andrew Goodman, Sage Lewis, Ari Levenfeld

Session Summary:
Thomas Bindl starts off the session talking about detailed measuring as it's critical to success. 

  • Search Funnel
    • Navigational
    • Informational
    • Transactional
    • A quarter of all tracking data is wrong
    • 25.3% of conversions need 2+clicks
  • Attribution Management
    • Understand cross-channel effects
    • Brand works better with generic terms
    • Define a value for all clicks that lead to conversions
    • Longer the sales cycle, the more important
    • in doubt credit the last click the most, but not everything
  • Optimize for KPIs
    • Measure Keyword/Ad Text performance
    • Placement Performance
    • Content Network landing page
    • Revenue per impression/click
    • Page impressions to click
  • Measuring Exactly
    • Stricter Match type means easier tracking
  • Cutting the long tail short

The next presentation, Bill Lan talks about Utilizing search query reports. Broad Keyword –> Search Query –> convert to exact match and identify winners and losers, negative terms. He then provides a slide example of a search query report. He says that Google SQR is not as granular as most analytics packages. Sort by ROI. He then talks about "clustering" similar keywords to maximize exposure efforts. Utilize historical data to help with exposure and bidding decisions.

Andrew Goodman start his presentation talking about "Greedy Ad Testing. Quality Score Hygiene". He discusses the Quality Score Formula. CTR!!!  (CPA? or CTR?) He then talks about to find the "double winner" in ad text copy.

Ways to achieve the double win

  • Keep more ads "in play"
  • Don't make mistakes with latency or date ranges
  • MV Testing
  • Consider attributes of winning ad
  • Understand why some ads achieve it
  • Better call to action
  • Clearer copy, more enticing to prospects (not clickers)

In the next presentation, Sage Lewis talks about Paid Search in the News.

  • Digg rolls out a new ad platform (the more the ad is voted up, the lower CPC
  • Click Fraud declines (12.7%)
  • Brightroll launches performance pricing models for online video ads
  • Google Adwords location extensions to dynamically add address (extend adwords campaigns by attaching an address to your ads.
  • Search Marketing to double and take 59% share of online marketing budgets.
  • Rosetta Stone Sues Google (Trademark related)
  • Search Ads less helpful than TV, Newspaper
  • Youtube launches Call to action Overlay in videos
  • Hulu commands as much as TV and 10% of online video ads
  • Microsoft, NBC Universal to sell Addressable TV Ads (aggregates viewer data)
  • Five more Newspaper join Yahoo Newspaper Consortium
  • Search plus display still hottest online Ad combo in Q1 2009
  • Search Giants encounter challenges in Mobile Ad Market
  • Hulu surpasses Yahoo sites online video race for March 2009

In next presentation, Ari Levenfeld of talks about using vertical data and provides some interesting numbers at He talks about how the Content Network is booming for

Session Analysis:
This session, holistically speaking" provided a good balance between the "in the weeds" tactics, news around the industry and insights from the actual search engine companies. Some of the presentations were fantastic and others pushed through the power-points a little too quickly. Good Q&A session with the topic of "Google Impression Share".

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