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Strategies to Overcome Adwords Image Ad Disapprovals

One of the “not so sexy” elements of PPC management is the constant tug of war that goes one with Google’s Editorial process with regards to their Display Network Platform. Throughout any given day, we all find new ways to beat the system, or in some cases avoid the dreaded client call where you have the “I know, but it’s Google, not me” conversation. In this short blog post, I have provided some tactics that you may have already heard about that can help you eliminate the problems of Google Editorials of Image Ads, which can easily occur for any “crazy ass” reason. Let’s get started…

Understanding the Red Flags:
The red flags which arise in the automated editorial process for Image Ads are triggered by the types of keywords that they are associated with. As we all know, certain types of search terms are flagged based on their meanings. Obvious ones are those somehow related to Porn, Alcohol, Pharmacy, etc… These types of terms will automatically be disapproved and Text and Banner Ads will then be subject to a manual review which could days 2-3 business days.

Furthermore, even if your image Ads were previously approved manually and you just want to do some Landing Page A/B Testing, where you just change the destination url, you will once again go through the same damn entire editorial process again. However, there are ways around this and they are all about being proactive.

Don’t Delete, Pause and then Reload:
As the furthest thing from Sarah Palin, what I am saying is that once the Image Ads have been disapproved, then manually “re-approved” do not over-write them or delete them. Always PAUSE them and ADD new ones in case any new image ads are disapproved again. That way, you will not have any down time while the new ones are going through manual review (2-3 days). The issue with this, is of course if the Destination URL is the correct one or has not been removed.

Pro-active Landing Page Testing:
Many PPC Marketers provide Landing Page testing as part of their strategy, it’s very important to upload the display banners are soon as possible (possibly a week before the Test is expected to start) and turn the campaign on for about 0.50 or 0.25 cents per day to push the editorial process. This way, you can deal with all of the Google B.S. without suffering from setting the wrong expectations with the client or company. The same procedure can be said for those uploading new display banners which will once again go through manual reviews.

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