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Study: Search Marketing In Prime Spot To Play Major Role in Political Spending

In a recent article by Michael Malone with, he talks about how far behind the web is in terms of Political spending. This is very exciting news for the Search Industry especially as recession fears settle in to our lives.

However, I must say that I am a little concerned by the comment left by a study done by Borrell Associates which says “The jury is still out regarding the Internet’s effectiveness for
reaching and targeting the undecided,” the report read. “There is a
fear that their message may end up going to an unintended recipient.
Consultants would need to be convinced of the accuracy of this type of
direct advertising reaching and persuading the intended targets before
they would find sufficient value to devote much money toward it.”

The Hidden Opportunity Here:
So, we need to think of this as an opportunity for all of us search marketers to educate and persuade the everyone from the politicians, campaign managers and interns to focus more of their strategies on PPC, SEO, Social Media and Web Analytics as catalysts for a new way to engage the public and get their message across.

Eliminate The Ad Messaging Concerns:
In a previous SemGeek post entitled: Political Campaigns Make a Big Push for Paid Search, I discussed the potential power of Ad Messaging strategies and how you can even efficiently ‘counteract" any potential negative campaigning as well as test different geo targeted areas, non-politically affiliated segments, etc… Bottom line: We have to convince the political arena that there are very strong and "outside the box" strategies out there that can only benefit their candidates as well as the issues they stand for.

In Conclusion:
Personally speaking, I see this is a very lucrative opportunity to provide all members of the Political Arena from the intern down to the presidential candidate to stop fearing the internet and put more of their campaign donations back into a channel where not only can you communicate to a more relevant audience, but also test, tweak and report in a faster, more accurate manner. The internet can and has be described as many things, but reaching out to the people and letting them make their own choice is what matters most.

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