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Super Bowl PPC Advertisers Are Missing Their Audiences

In the previous SemGeek post, Inglourious-basterds-proving-to-be-savvy-ppc-marketers, I praised the efforts by the PPC Advertiser who creatively promoted the movie Inglorious Basterds. However, when I started searching on different concatenations of the HEAD term “Super Bowl”, such as “the super bowl”, “superbowl”, “the super bowl party”, etc.. I immediately noticed that a majority of the advertisers were not taking advantage of this and reserving 5 minutes with a simple keyword tool or even common sense, could help their website connect with more visitors at a probably lower CPC.

There’s alot to be left on the table, especially if you provide a service or sell a product online that is very time sensitive such as the days leading up to the Super Bowl. Just like with this blog article, I am taking advantage of the timing involved, not to mention all the media coverage of the game, QB Matchups and recipes for the best super bowl party.

This “very remedial” strategy, even if the goal is to drive increase page views, should be considered. Now, one could argue that this lack of advertising is due to poor conversions in the past that would not support a ROI healthy campaign, but with many advertisers bidding on the correct spelling (with higher CPC), I beg to differ.

Bottomline: Do your keyword research! Be mindful about how people search for things and just take advantage of the millions (or billions) of ad dollars being spent by other advertisers and news agencies who are increasing the online interest.

This PPC Geek knows that either the Saints or Colts will WIN the Super Bowl. But, in terms of PPC, I have no idea. Maybe the trophy should go to Inglorious Basterds. (yeah, but they also missed the boat on this one!)

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