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Exclusive Interview with Bill Mungovan, Senior Director for Omniture SearchCenter

Exclusive Interview with Bill Mungovan, Senior Director for Omniture SearchCenter

SemGeek is proud to present an exclusive online interview with Bill Mungovan, Sr. Director for Omniture SearchCenter. This interview is brought to you in cooperation with the Search Engine Strategies' Pre-SES San Jose 2009 Blog & Q&A Coverage. About Bill Mungovan:As Sr. Director, SearchCenter, Bill Mungovan runs day to day operations across the SearchCenter business, including functions in Sales, Marketing, Product, Engineering, Consulting and Client Services. Previously, he helped build the search engine marketing practice at … Read entire article »

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Should Google Be Worried About The Plethora Of New PPC Management Software Companies?

I have to ask the question, because all of us PPC Geeks are the #1 target for many of these new software companies who are rolling out software that will "allegedly" make it easier for the typical user or Search Agency. So, with this rush of new services hitting the market, what does Google, think about this SURGE of interest in trying to change the Search Marketing Industry? Here are just a few questions that this SemGeek has been thinking about: Will the Adwords Interface be a secondary means to manage advertising dollars? Would all of this advanced technology, such as intelligent bid management, business rules, etc… put a hurting on their overall Ad revenue? (you know so the cafeteria can keep serving Filet Mignon with Italian Gelato) Since most of the companies … Read entire article »

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