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SEM moving towards Television Model?

If there is one thing that Google has taught us online marketers, it is to play the SEM game by their rules. They educate us and push us all to follow their own best practices and we have reacted as if it’s gospel. If you don’t follow the rules, they will penalize you in terms of increased cost per clicks and  higher budgets. But they do it in such a way where it appears to be benefiting everyone. Over the years, Google has preached its Quality Score which is based on relevancy at the keyword, Ad/Creative and Landing page levels. So, we are all at the mercy of Google for when they make a change to an algorithm or change their quality score. However, I have to raise the question: Why … Read entire article »

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Paid Search Cost Guess-timators

I often wonder how accurate the traffic and cost estimators for Google, Yahoo and MSN really are.  Do they take into effect the following FACTORS which would totally skew their estimates, such as: Keyword matching Negative keywords Quality score (which affects avg position) Seasonality Now, lets suppose you have just acquired a new SEM client and as part of the initial proposal process, you provide them with an expected volume/traffic and monthly cost estimates, as well as avg  CPC estimates for all keyword search terms per engine. How confident can you be in these numbers? The answer is you can’t. As these engines become smarter, (smarter meaning they get more and more money out of you), you need to monitor these campaigns as if it’s the last episode of the Grey’s Anatomy or something (don’t … Read entire article »

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