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SES San Jose ’09 Day #3 – Advanced Paid Search Techniques

Session Name: Advanced Paid Search Techniques Session Speakers/Panelists:Chris Boggs, Thomas Bindl, Bill Lan, Andrew Goodman, Sage Lewis, Ari Levenfeld Session Summary:Thomas Bindl starts off the session talking about detailed measuring as it's critical to success.  Search Funnel Navigational Informational Transactional A quarter of all tracking data is wrong 25.3% of conversions need 2+clicks Attribution Management Understand cross-channel effects Brand works better with generic terms Define a value for all clicks that lead to conversions Longer the sales cycle, the more important in doubt credit the last click the most, but not everything Optimize for KPIs Measure Keyword/Ad Text performance Placement Performance Content Network landing page Revenue per impression/click Page impressions to click Measuring Exactly Stricter Match type means easier tracking Cutting the long tail short The next presentation, Bill Lan talks about Utilizing search query reports. Broad Keyword –> Search Query –> convert to exact match and identify winners and losers, negative terms. He … Read entire article »

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