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The Importance of Leveraging Diverse Vocabularies PPC Marketing

ppc-keywords-behaviorI would say one of the biggest misconceptions of the use keyword tools and research is forgetting about the interpretation of the searching behaviors. Understanding how people talk and translating them into how they search online. Just as in Persuasion Architecture and Persona’s, everyone searches differently, they have a different vocabularies and there is also “generational” gap that needs to be identified. In this post, I will dig a little deeper into how to capitalize on a searchers behavior.

Understanding Searching Vocabularies:

There are always going to be audiences that call things differently but in the end all mean the same damn thing. Let’s take Local Phone Service. Many years back, I managed a client who was a leading reseller of Phone and Cable Services. Over time, looking through search queries and honestly just listening to how people describe what they are looking for created a campaign within a campaign. For example, Phone Service was broken into (5) different campaigns.

  • Phone Service
  • Local Phone Service
  • Residential Phone Service
  • Home Phone Service
  • Land-line Phone Service
  • Township Phone Service


Now the point of all of this is that all of these terms (even though are different in language) mean the same thing. After all these campaigns/adgroups were optimized based on this finding, CPA were higher, CPC’s were lower and we had a story to tell.


Leveraging “Cross-Generational” Terms:

How many times have you had a conversation with someone either younger or older and they describe something different, but in the end they meant the same thing. Whether it’s a comparing someone saying Smartphone vs. Cell Phone or a Flat Screen vs. TV Set, the main take away is that the searcher is looking for the same thing, even though they have a different vocabulary.


In Conclusion:

The point of this article is to understand that everyone has a different way of searching for things, even though the end result is the same. When putting together a PPC strategy, it’s important to understand the target market which may include Geography, Age Ranges, etc… Keyword Research Tools are very helpful, but they sometimes lack the human element of identifying diverse vocabularies.



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