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The Importance of Rehabilitation in PPC Marketing

Economic recoveryHave you ever found yourself staring at PPC campaigns and wonder what else can I do to “move the needle”, especially after countless months of analyzing search queries, A/B Tests and Multivariate Ad Testing? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, its a very common dilemma which requires a vision of simplicity all the way from the birth of the initial launch date. In this post, I will talk about a few ideas to help bring back the life of account and possibly generate additional strategies.


Brand vs. Non-Brand:

In almost all cases, Brand always Wins. However, it’s the “Non-brand” terms which generate the first point of contact for the potential customer who is not already familiar with the brand. Those “non-brand” terms are always going to be the most difficult to convert because of the following:

  • Highly Competitive
  • Higher CPC’s
  • Lack of Loyalty and Trust
  • Increased competitor comparison


Establish a Tiered Approach:

One of the most important steps to ease the pain is to set a lower expectation that these terms are not going to convert as well as Brand. One way to do this is to create your campaigns into Tier Levels. Meaning, take your Top Performers (Brand, etc..) and group them together. This also opens the door to even expand the brand campaign into multiple “brand + modifier” adgroups to increase CTR%, better relevant text ads, etc..).

Once the Tier #1 campaign is created, then review other adgroups/campaigns that are hovering around middle in terms of CPA. These can be added to Tier #2 and also get another look at adgroup expansion. Furthermore, for all other adgroups that are simply difficult to convert, but feel that you need the exposure, place them into Tier #3 and Tier #4.

So now that you have created different campaigns based upon previous success, then establish a budget for each based on historical performance. This will help in allocating budget for future testing and ensuring the CPA’s are more stable for future decision making.


In Conclusion:

It’s always a good idea to take a few steps back and reminisce the early days of the strategy and campaign structures. Once a campaign(s) reaches a level of maturation, making subtle changes will not necessarily move the needle. Sometimes, the best thing to do is take the complexity out of analysis and focus on the simple things such as “what’s working” and “what is not”.

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