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The Importance of Storytelling in PPC Marketing

When providing PPC Marketing Services to either a client or within a company, it’s important to gather all of the “before and after the click” performance data and simply just tell a story, instead of just throwing together an excel report with useless metrics. Unfortunately, I have witnessed this too many times and advertisers who are paying for these services are not getting the what they are paying for.

In this post, I will discuss the benefits of Storytelling to both the client and the PPC Guru handling the account.

Educating Clients on which Metrics Matter

In a lot of cases, when boarding a new client who is new to PPC or had a horrible experience with a previous agency or a Google Self Optimization (hee) there is a false understanding of success metrics. Some may think Impressions or CTR% is what measures success. Other just care about clicks. So, it’s up to the PPC Guru to set the record straight and propose an “eye-opening” strategy which contains both “before the click” and “after the click” performance goals. Furthermore, it’s also imperative to set the right expectations in order to gauge trust with the client.

Leverage Web Analytics Data to Feed the Story

Just looking at PPC performance data is not enough to tell the story. PPC marketing has a strong effect on Brand Awareness and influencing Organic results. In my experience, I have had client’s Direct Traffic (Bookmark/Type-in) performance skyrocket when we were targeting “non-branded” keywords. Once we decided to pause that campaign, the Direct Traffic performance dropped. That’s a Story that needs to be explained to the client.

Utilize Google Adwords Dimensions

They are other important metrics within Google Adwords Dimensions which also contribute to telling the story, such as Hour of Day, Day of the Week and GEO by state, metro area, city and most specific locations. These are the metrics which combined with overall performance data is what makes up a holistic story that can be understood by the client and used as next level optimization strategy.

Presenting the PPC Performance Story

In my opinion, Acquisio has the best PPC Reporting Platforms available today. They simply SYNC all of the data from the Search Engines and populate amazing looking reports where a user can “slice & dice” any performance metrics of their choice. Acquisio also allows users to upload images and insert customized text fields for Storytelling. Here is an example Report.

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3 Responses to "The Importance of Storytelling in PPC Marketing"

  1. Great post! I am firmly of the belief that it should always be a human managing a PPC account not a piece of software. Storytelling or human to human interaction is vital.

  2. Great article, there are not enough of these articles related to humanizing ppc on the internet. In my experience, after gathering the necessary data, the main metric most clients care about is about conversions. When we would set-up campaigns, we determine with the client what is classified as a conversion and what they are willing to pay up to for each conversion. The other insights you can pull from those reports can be eye-opening sometimes. You can see what unique selling proposition is converting the best, where in the country your customers/clients are coming from or what product they like the most ( if an e-commerce site). But like you said, Adwords is more than just tons of data.

  3. Less is sometimes more
    PPC campaign optimisation is an art. Especially when you want to include engagement metrics such as time on site and returning visits. Changes to keywords and ads should not be made haphazardly – they should only be made after careful thought and analysis, using reliable and significant data sets.
    Not only does efficient and informed PPC optimisation require a good understanding of data analysis, but it also requires a good intuition and experience on when to make changes and when to walk away. Sometimes the best work you can do to a PPC campaign is to do no work at all.

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