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The NHL Needs a PPC PowerPlay For Reputation Management

Regardless if you are a Fan of the NHL or just your local NHL Hockey Team, the league in general has taken a bad PR beating. Whether it’s the Owners or the NHLPA, ones thing is certain. The NHL is back, but their reputation is not. I am not sure what the NHL Execs are preparing to do to win back the fans, but as a guy who lives and breathes in PPC Geekdom, there is an opportunity to leverage PPC Marketing, not so much from a Merchandising and Ticket Selling perspective, but more from a Reputation Standpoint. Let’s Discuss….


According to many Blogs and News organization, the NHL is in Bad Shape and they need to plan to get the Fans and Sponsors back. In a recent article by The Globe and Mail, entitled Marketing master must figure out how to regain NHL’s mojo, author David Shoats talks about the rough road ahead for John Collins, COO and Marketing Guru to pick up the pieces. Shoats states “The league’s chief operating officer and marketing guru has the toughest job in hockey now, along with every executive on most of the league’s 30 teams who is in charge of selling tickets.”


How Can They Leverage PPC Marketing?

When someone types in “NHL” or “NHL Lockout” their needs to be a Text Ad messaging that identifies with the fans that the “NHL is Back and Better than ever”. Perhaps a coupons for discounted tickets or merchandise. Raffles for contests, etc….


How much has the NHL spent in Google?

According to the great folks over at SpyFu, the NHL has been “all over the map” with their ad spend trends and the fact that there is no visible pattern is a little troubling as a marketer. Now, the obvious trends that we can see with both the NHL and NBA is around Holiday Shopping in November and December respectively.


What Keywords are the NHL Buying?

Well, let’s just say they should re-evaluate their current PPC Strategy. After looking at their paid keywords which are specific to only, I am not sure that Garry Bettman would appreciate the NHL spending $$$ on terms like “nfl jersey“, “nfl games” and shockingly “nfl beanies“. So, with this brief investigation, they may have more problems with their PPC than Reputation Management at this point.


In Conclusion:

The NHL needs to stop spending Ad dollars to sell licensed merchandise, and put that money into saving the sport. PPC Marketing should be used to bring back the Fans and get them excited again. In this case, PPC should be used because of the timing factor with the news cycles. Whatever the NHL decides to do, remember PPC Marketing is has many useful benefits and should not be overlooked.

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  3. Marc Pearson says:

    I think the NHL needs a lot more than a PPC campaign to build them back up. The sport of hockey itself isn’t very popular, and with the recent lockout, they lost a lot of following. I guess a PPC boost couldn’t hurt.

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