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The SEM & SEO Perfect Marriage

I’m just gonna come out and say it. Paid search is not for everyone.   In the cases where paid search can be profitable, not all products/services from a given company will flourish. In terms of conversion and revenue, we need to forget about Ad creatives and bid positions. This is either a landing page problem or a cart conversion problem.

When this happens, and all options have been looked at, the SEM Gurus need to become SEO Gurus and come up with a plan to "offset" the bad performing terms with an SEO stategy to attract customers. According to Heatmap studies, the online visitors eyes focus heavily within the top left side of the browser, which includes the first 6 results (including paid listings).

I have dealt with this issue before and have been very successful in my attempt to turn nonperforming SEM into successful SEO and I want to share my tactics with you.

First, you will need to analyze the keywords within your adgroups. If you see poor performance trends for a specific group of keywords that are vital to your business but are hurting your profit margins, it is important NOT to overreact. I would advise not to just "take it one the chin" and use this as a branding initiative and the last thing you need is create a "sacred cow". What you need to do is remember that search engine traffic also comes in Organic. I think sometimes, we forget that even though SEO takes time and is not instant, their is a higher "trustworthiness" by the visitors because it is gives the user the impression that this company must be what I want because they didn’t;t have to pay to be there.

Once you have your select group of keywords and phrases, you then need to take advantage of your existing website and build additional, relevant pages that are valid extensions of the product and service lines that will not only benefit the visitor but also allow the search engines to index a content-rich webpage that is highly relevant.

So to conclude, paid search is a very powerful and profitable means to acquire new customers. And if you have certain products or services that are not performing as well as you would like, you don’t have to keep the campaigns running to keep your traffic volume up. Remember, SEO is also very effective means to acquire new customers and even though it takes time to rank and constant tweaking, you can still beat the game.

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