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The Top 2012 Presidential Campaign Gaffes in PPC Marketing

In this election cycle, the American People are bombarded by news organizations highlighting on Gaffes made by both candidates and their VPs. However, as the dynamic cycle from shifting from TV, Print, Social and Search, people are searching on what they are hearing in the media and then it turns to a PPC Battle. Moreover, those who are searching can find “Gaffes” of their own which could be either be strategical or just “under-optimized”. In this post, I will provide screenshots and opinion as to why they are worth mentioning.

Romney Campaign needs to Protect Brand Reputation:

The Romney campaign should be careful to utilize negative keywords to prevent embarrasments like this below. In fact, the Ad below the Romney Ad is a sign that this term “mitt romney gaffes” is worth a closer look.

Misspellings: Missed Opportunities or Strategic Thinking:

I am left scratching my head when I see a Text Ad being shown for a Misspelling of Michele Onama, yet when I search on the correct name “Michelle Obama” there are no ads shown. Are they trying to reach people who are poor spellers?

The Good vs. Bad with Obamacare in PPC Marketing:

This one has both a “GOOD” example of reputation management as well as a “BAD” example being done by political opponents Obamacare. It appears that the Obama campaign is doing a good job in utilizing PPC for sticking to their guns on the issue, however the opponents are lacking some basic keyword expansion.

Where are the Opponents of Obamacare?


Opponents are bidding on “obama care” but not “obamacare”. Seems like a lost opportunity.


In conclusion:

When it comes to Politics, especially the Presidential Election, Fundraising, Reputation and Messaging are the key factors in measuring a successful PPC Campaign. Now, it’s easy to do some “Monday morning Quaterbacking” but we can clearly see some “Gaffes” in the PPC Marketing tactics. These screenshots are just a few examples of both “gaffes” and good examples of leveraging PPC Marketing. The Presidential election will not be won from PPC. However, PPC Marketing is a vital part of the conversation on TV and Social Media.


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3 Responses to "The Top 2012 Presidential Campaign Gaffes in PPC Marketing"

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  2. Brandon says:

    I don’t know if I fully trust your results. Were you signed in to a Google account when you ran these tests? if so, Google might not have shown you an ad from the same advertiser on similar queries if you didn’t click the first time through. Google has a lot of non-commercial queries that it simply won’t show ads for- like “Abraham Lincoln”. Your Michele Obama example demonstrates that sometimes Google just wants to show relevant information to a query instead of display an ad that most likely won’t get clicked. As for the Romney example, for all you know they want to show for “gaffe” queries.

  3. David says:

    What a bunch of rubbish. Our government should not be spending $1 on PPC let alone a whole campaign to support any government program. That being said, your are right. The opponents should be there and they’re not.

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