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Timing is Everything in PPC and Social Media Marketing

Stopwatch. Close up of a Stopwatch.There is a quote from one of my favorite movies that truly struck a cord with me through the years and it’s never been more relevant now with regards to PPC Advertising on Social media platforms such as Twitter Ads and Facebook Ads. In the movie “A Good Year”, Maximillian Skinner (Russell Crowe) tells his employees that “The secret to riches, lab rats, is the same as the secret to comedy… timing.” In this post, I will talk about the benefits of leveraging this strategy and the storytelling effect on future events.


Back in 2005, when I was managing the PPC Strategy for an Automotive Catalog Company, I relied on Google and Yahoo to compliment a TV Show on the SpikeTV Network which was promoting the products from the Catalog. I actually won the 2008 Semmy Award for this article entitled “Optimizing Paid Search & Landing Pages for TV, Radio and Print Advertising” where I highlight the importance of “bridging the gap” between online and offline media so that the user experience is seamless. Nowadays with Social Media Advertising, anyone can leverage current events within a matter of minutes for as long as it’s shelve-life is still relevant in peoples minds.


An Example of Leveraging the Power of Timing:

Max owns a company that sells dwarf Lemon Trees across the USA. Customers can either order online or call to place an order. Recently in the news, a new study finds that Lemons have shown to reduce the risk of cancer, amongst other great benefits. (this is actually all true) see article “Health Benefits of Lemons“. Now, with this information going viral through TV, Radio, Organic Search and especially Social Media, a savvy marketer could leverage this new study to promote their exotic Lemon Trees.


In order to maximize this strategy, here are a few things that need to be addressed before the advertiser spends a penny.

  • Call to Action and Messaging: Make sure to integrate both the recent news as well as the benefits of owning an exotic lemon tree
  • Understand the targeting abilities of the social media platforms (interests, #hashtags, etc..)
  • Creation of a “hybrid” landing page to compliment both the health benefits as well as the product. This is a great time to enhance any photography, descriptions, etc…
  • Create a special offer for those coming from these advertising venues.
  • As always, ensure Analytics and Tracking are working properly.
  • Once the “shelf-life” of this news article subsides, document the key learnings and create a process for future related news stories.


 In Conclusion:

Today, our population lives in a seamless world of receiving information from smartphones, tablets and computers. Furthermore, it is these same devices in which people are making decisions and are engaging in impulse buying behaviors that all advertisers need to be following. In the PPC landscape, advertisers have always dealt with Saturation, increased competition and rising advertising costs in order to keep themselves relevant. However, not everyone is using a search engine these days. They are on Twitter, Facebook, etc… So, the next time you see or hear a news article about something related to your business, remember this article.

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