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Tips on How To Better Visualize Effective PPC Strategies

Have you ever realized that it can sometimes be a difficult task to communicate and demonstrate to a client or C-level executive what your PPC strategy actually looks like? Have you ever felt they just do not fully understand the complexity no matter how many times you try and explain it? Well, after many years in both the “Agency” and “In-House” world, I have put together a few tips on how to effectively visualize your PPC Plan. These are just some very rough examples. Let’s discuss.
Visual Campaign Layout Structures
Depending on your strategy or level of experience, a typical PPC plan of attack should consist of many campaigns and adgroups, based on relevancy and the classic Quality score best practices. Moreover, this complexity can become a double edged sword when trying to explain it to the client, before you get their approval to “release the hounds”. One of the effective ways to visualize this plan, is to provide it in a more “10,000 foot view”. In this case, I have created it in an Excel Block Format where the client can easily identify the campaign structure, adgroups as well as keyword groupings.

Here is an rough example that I have designed:
PPC Campaign Structures
Visual Text Ad Strategies
Again, depending on your strategy and level of experience, writing effective PPC Text Ads requires constant revisions and tweaking different messaging techniques. Many times a client cannot visualize what they want to say with the character limits associated with PPC Text Ads, so providing them with some sort of a guideline can help them visualize the space limitations and in some cases provide some new ideas. Moreover, using such as layout can also be effective when trying to explain Ad Testing strategies. In the example below, you will see some sample ads which identify different messaging tactics.

Here is a (very rough) outline of some Text Ad examples:

In Conclusion:
Coming up with an effective strategy is one thing. Trying to communicate it to the client is another. In an off topic, in revealing my age, I often think of the quote from Gi Joe when they say “Knowing is half the battle”. Well, in this case it is. Having good strategies in your head is only as good as it is convincing others to believe in it. Paid Search is complex enough for us SEM Geeks, so why make it difficult for the client to understand how we will spend their hard earned Ad dollars. Make it as simple and visual as possible.

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