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PPC Adgroup Expansion & Optimization Tips

In many cases, identifying a well structured PPC campaign usually consists of many “highly relevant” adgroups (keyword groups, text ads and LP’s). But one of the biggest challenges is Budget Allocation within those campaigns which contain those adgroups, especially when dealing with continuous expansion. Most of the time, certain adgroups will ether “suck up” all of the spend and/or provide the most conversions. In the fortunate case of having a few “goldmine” adgroups, it makes sense to re-evaluate the campaign structure to ensure that all of the best performing adgroups get their fair share of the budget. Let’s discuss…..

In essence, this is a very good problem to have because it allows for better management of ROAS%. Adgroup expansion is a sign of good Quality Score methodology. Overtime, there will be Winners, Losers and Others that need more attention. With that said, there are a few ways to alter the campaign structures to get the most out of the budgets. Here are a few ideas:

Keep them in their Family:
This approach, even though not optimal for conversions, is a good way to control the budgets across an entire group of related products or services. This can be applied to eCommerce as well as Lead Generation. If the client prefers to spend money on specific adgroups/terms, even though they do not generally drive a lot of conversions, this a good way to go.

Performance Classification:
Sometimes, you need to mix things up from the typical Quality Score structure. In this phase in the PPC Game, it’s all about Revenue’s and maximizing ROAS%. Bucketing the top performing adgroups will allow for increase Ad Serving exposure to those adgroups which need it the most. The difficult task in doing this is where the “cut off” line is with the adgroups, especially with Seasonality trends.

Intent Classification:
In this case, identifying the top keyword modifiers which drive the highest level of interaction from the searcher will generate this classification. In a past blog post on SemGeek entitled “Tips on How to Maximize Lead Quality in PPC Marketing”, I talk about the importance of measuring Keyword Intent and using that information along with conversions to create the different classification buckets.

In Conclusion:
As I mentioned before, this is a good problem to have because it’s a natural growing pain of a well structured campaign. The bottom line in all that we do in PPC is Optimal Performance. The more money we make for the advertiser/client, the better the relationship and that’s what we want. Personally, I think every PPC Marketer needs to be creative in how they approach Paid Search. Achieving good Quality Score is always a best practice, but I would take conversions and a respectable ROAS% over Quality Score any day.

Remember. Quality Score is just a metric. The only Metric that matters are Conversions!

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