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Today’s Search Marketers Deserve A Little More Respect

Ok, I am going to go out on a limb when I say all Search Marketers are not given the respect they deserve. (Rodney – See Classic Caddyshack YouTube clip below – this ones for Toby & Bruce) C’mon, aren’t we the driving force behind this $40 Billion Dollar Booming Industry (forgive if I missed a billion here or there. There is no excuse for this "ignorance in the air" that getting an impressive Organic Ranking or a good performing Paid Search campaign live on the search engines is something a 2nd grader can do, and it just… Makes me a little unpleasant (PG-13).

I have seen firsthand, from all levels of the corporate spectrum a, complete and utter misunderstanding of reality and even ignorance to try and understand what really goes into creating a really good Search Marketing Plan/Strategy, along with the countless hours of research, implementation, monitoring, testing, reviewing,optimization etc… They all just assume this happens with a push of a button.

So how is this happening?
I think alot has to do with the fact that this is still new to them. Still today, many Industries and Companies alike are just starting to catch on to the fact that online advertising, even though getting more expensive by the day, is still cheaper and more cost effective that other traditional Media, regardless of how intelligent the Plan is. Maybe, in the past they hired their nephew or neighbors kid throw together a basic campaign that sucked down the dollars until it ran out of money and assume that is how it’s done.

In that respect, we also have to point some blame at Google for this, because they could care less if your a seasoned Pro or beginner, they make their money regardless. In fact, the less experienced you are with PPC, the more they will charge for you to play in the game.

Will this ignorance ever go away?
Yes it will over time. Just like in the Baby Boomer and Echo Boomer Generation debates that are going on where it’s a matter of time until there will be one (1) generation E meaning EVERYONE. What I mean is, right now there is a shift happening where (some) baby boomers are relying on their children or younger Gen Y-ers to help them maneuver around the web. But as we progress over the years, we will bridge the gap to the point where everyone will be an intelligent searcher and Search Marketers will adapt a more "holisitic" Plan. If you are interested in this topic, I will have a a related article published in JWTBoom’s LiveWire, The Magazine coming out in September, 2008.

As a Tribute to Rodney in one of the Best Movies ever made,
here’s a great YouTube clip from the movie Caddyshack.

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