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Top 10 PPC Questions You Must Ask A Potential Prospect

In a previous post on entitled “Why The Client Discovery Phase Is Most Important for PPC Marketers” I talked about the importance of the discovery phase and how the agency needs to understand of everything there is to know about the client in order for the client-agency relationship to get off on the right foot. Moreover, in this post, I have put together some of my own Top 10 list of “must ask” questions that need to be answered before I provide the prospect with a detailed SOW (Statement of Work). In my opinion, if these questions are not asked and/or answered, you might be finding yourself opening up a big can of worms and that’s not good for anyone. Let’s discuss.

Asking these questions will only protect yourself or your agency from doing more work that is necessary for the rate that you have provided. It is this scenario which often prompts me to include a setup fee so the client knows that a majority of the work needed to “set the foundation”. It is this setup fee, which is “non-scientifically” calculated based upon the answers to the questions. These questions are ranked from most important.

#1. What is your Cost per Acquisition? (aka, how much is a new customer worth to you? or how much is an existing customer?)

#2. What are your Product/Service Margins? (Collective and category specific)

#3. Do you have Web Analytics Setup and are you accurately tracking conversions?

#4. Are you monetizing all conversion elements? (newsletter, contact email, Phone numbers, Live Chat, etc….)

#5. How long have you been in business ? (offline & online)

#6. Do you have a Development Team or Webmaster?

#7. How much are you interested in Spending per month? (If they don’t know, you give estimate based on CPA)

#8. Do you have any strategic partners we could leverage?

#9. Are there any Trademark or Legal issues to be aware of?

#10. How long are you willing to commit to a Search Agency?

In Conclusion:
All of these these questions and more are pivotal in trying to gauge the fees for a potential client. If you don’t ask some of these questions, your overhead costs will suffer and expectation setting will be more difficult. I have a hard time signing a client who does not (as the least) know their own Margins and Cost per Acquisition. In the PPC World, every strategy and implementation is based upon knowing the answers to these questions.

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