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Web Analytics: Are We Losing Focus On What Really Matters?

Why is it becoming more and more difficult to go from
"Point A to Point B" these days with regard to Web Analytics. Which
is more important to you? Identifying what is working and what not is working?
or whether you have sold 2 more blue widgets than red widgets and that those
blue widget purchases came during a 1 hour time span served from 2 different
search engines with totally different Ad/Creatives. Are you getting the point?

Well, unless you have an infinite amount of free time (which
I doubt) or if you have (12) twelve interns working around the clock looking at
this stuff in a high powered expensive analytics package, I would think it’s
more productive to identify the following:

  • Why did they buy?
  • Why didn’t they buy?
  • How can I make more people buy?

My point with this article is that we have been consumed and
taught (of course with fancy presentations and lots of chotckys) to take advantage of all of these "Top of the Line yet expensive bells
and whistles that will tell you the world and predict everything about visitor
that you could ever want to know. But why waste hours focusing on the intricate
little details and more of the "why". At the end of the day, understanding
the “why” is what actually moves the revenue dial. Also, how can we afford to get so deep in the weeds, when we
have so many variables affecting the performance of Paid Search.

Here are just a few: 

  • Site Performance
  • Product Inventory
  • Competitive Bidding
  • Offers/Promotions
  • Product Pricing
  • Customer Service

Trust me, that is enough to qualify for a MIDOL moment.

Lack of Simplicity:

In all of this, we have lost Simplicity. The simplifying of
highly complex reporting and analysis that tells an over-arching, high level
story. We need to focus on the obvious and fix the big things first, then focus
on the smaller things that require the deeper analysis and the "kudos" from your bosses and colleagues.

Analytics – Giving you
more than you need

Analytics companies strive on providing you more than what you could ever want so they can get that edge on the competition. But again, DO YOU really need everything? Here’s my real-life analogy (I hope the master of analogies is reading this article – you know who you are!)

You can
buy a Lexus because it has wipers on it’s headlights. But does that really
matter? Are these wipers affecting your ability to get from Point-A to Point-B? Ummn, I don’t think so.

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