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Welcome To The New

PPC UpgradeIf you haven’t noticed recently, looks a little different right now. Yep, made the big switch from TypePad to WordPress. The upgrade was not only necessary to help improve the functionality and “look and feel” but also enable my Sponsors and other Guest Bloggers to contribute their expertise to SemGeek more efficiently.

Over the next few months, our readers will receive updated Quarterly Newsletters, Guest Blogging from Sponsors Acquisio & Looksmart, as well as more exclusive interviews of the Top minds in the Industry.

I am also excited to Announce that my Partner Company Venturit, Inc. which specialized in IT Consulting and Outsourcing has also decided to help sponsor this blog and provide our readers with the latest in Video and CMS technology as it relates to Search Engine Marketing.

So, for my existing readers I appreciate all of the past support you have given and for those who are new to the site, expect more great things to come from SemGeek in the future.

Greg (aka Greggorio, SemGeek)

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  1. Matt LeVeque says:

    Looks great Sensei. Looking forward to things to come!

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