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What Does A Paid Search Marketing Strategy Mean To You?

First of all, in my opinion, the term Strategy can take on many
different meanings. In the Search Industry, strategy is often confused with
a plan which entails minimal tactical changes.

C’mon people, it is JUST A Marketing PLAN,
nothing more and nothing less. It is a well organized plan which has an elongated life cycle which lasts more than just 6-12 months and encompasses many
levels of channel integrations, branding, valid success metrics, historical performance and overall messaging. It
must also include a comprehensive understanding of everything the
client does online, offline and backed up by actionable tactics to
support it. If you do not plan for that, you will fail and get fired!
Let’s discuss.

Will The Real Strategist Stand Up?

One of the fallacies in this dynamic Search Marketing Industry is
the emergence of people who lack the necessary skill set to provide "prolific" and long term value. I have seen many situations where people may "think they are strategists" but when it
comes down to actually doing it, they have NO CLUE WHATSOEVER as to what they are
doing and always tend to "discuss with the PPC Geek" (which is basically, telling them what to say because they do not understand).

So, with that said, in order to become an effective strategist,
there are really only two (2) major prerequisites needed to go down the path
of deserving the title of a Search Marketing Strategist.

1. You’ve Actually Done The Real Work Before:

In order to have a high level understanding of what the hell needs to be done to set the correct expectations with the client, you MUST encompass the ability and have hands-on experience to know what it takes to do the tactical elements. For example, in order to keep the client happy and ensure confidence in your abilities, you must have a constant and accurate flow what the plan is, how it’s going and, if needed, the ability to answer all technical questions as asked by the client.   

2. Previous "Multi-Hat" Experience:

Another important level of experience in becoming a Strategist is real experience of wearing many different hats within an organization which helps identify with the client’s goals and objectives. If the strategist cannot hold an intelligent conversation and provide ideas about offline, seasonality, branding, other advertising, conversion, site structure, biz development, etc… it devalues the role of a strategist. Perhaps I just have a high bar with this industry, but if you cannot understand all of these elements, your company may need to re-evaluate the skill sets of the strategists needed to get the job done.

Support Your Client, Don’t Dead End Them

One of the biggest failures in developing a Search Marketing Plan is the lack of support for other media, such as TV, Radio and Print. If you turn a blind eye to that, the client will devalue your commitment to growing their business. Agency/Client relationship is more like a partnership, especially if your fees are based on performance.

Furthermore, ignoring those other channels is detrimental to your PPC performance. The Idea is to "once again" fish where the fish are, and if the fish are searching (fish don’t have the internet, do they?) on products or events from a TV, radio or print Ad, you better make sure PPC is there to get that click.

In Conclusion:

Whenever I hear the word "strategy" I just want to throw up. In my opinion, this Industry has a polarizing level of skill sets associated with job titles. For example, I know of "exceptional" strategists who are extremely valuable and "GET IT" and there are others who are just appearing intelligent on "White Boards" and when it comes to "Prime Time" with the client, they are like deer in the headlights. Unfortunately, it’s a necessary evil that is just cycled through along with high turnover rates in the industry.

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