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Why Aviation Art Is “Missing The Target” in All Aspects of PPC Marketing

B25-artwork As a fan of Aviation Art since I was about 5 years old, I have always wondered why this unique and very specialized Industry has always seemed to be a few years behind the times in terms of technology and promotion. You can say that many of the Aircraft depicted in painting, photographs and illustrations are from the past, but the tactics of trying to sell them to the consumer should NOT be. Is it because of the traditional "older" demographic? Not in 2009, I do not think so.

It's a little surprising for me, (as SEM Geek) to see such a lack of attention to detail in the overall PPC strategy (ie… Ad Copy, Landing Page and Keyword Selection) especially when the Artist or Retailer for Artist is selling the consumer on the exquisite detail, and "life-like" portrait or scenes of Aircraft around the world. In this blog post, I will focus on the missed opportunities that I have seen, as well as provide some generic PPC Marketing suggestions in the hopes that someone reading this post could implement them. Let's discuss….

Aircraft-carrier PPC Advertisers Missing the "Aircraft Carrier" on Relevancy and Long Tail Searches.

As someone who has his favorite WWII aircraft already picked out, when I do a Google search on say "P40 warhawk art" or "Stealth Fighter Artwork" not ONE (1) Ad shows up with the keyword in the Ad. They are all generic. Furthermore, as there are many ways to spell these aircraft names, there are very few (if any) advertisers bidding on misspellings or other versions of the aircraft name. Now that we identified flaws in the Longtail, lets look at the Head Term. Again, another "illegal fly-by" by Maverick (Top Gun) again, as advertisers are missing opportunities to capture the obvious searched and own the "Google Real Estate" for these terms.

Airplane-bullet-holes Too many Bullet Holes in the Text Ad Copy:

One of the biggest and most identifiable problems with all PPC Advertisers with regard to Aviation Art is the unattractive Text Ad copy which does not relate to the keyword being searched on. Few, if any, actually carry the keyword term in the ad to help the consumer make an impulse decision to click on the Ad. A simple fix can lead to better opportunities for conversions.

Hard-aircraft-landingVery "Rough" Landing Pages:

When it comes to Landing Pages, this is where I see the biggest problem. Frankly, in all candor, many (but not all) of these Websites and/or Landing Pages look like thet did in the late 1990's and it's almost as if they haven't changed the website in over 10 years. Many of these advertisers need to understand that they are making it very difficult for a consumer to make a purchase. It's kinda like MS FrontPage from Hell.

Why Ebay could be a reason for the Lackluster PPC Efforts:

Everyone loves Ebay right? It's the #1 place for anyone to buy and sell pretty much anything. I also believe that it has also played a role in why many Aviation Art retailers are not utilizing Paid Search effectively. In fact, Ebay, in essence, has made it an easier and more affordable solution for the Non-PPC Guru to start their own business with advertising built right in. However, an interesting trend is happening with Ebay's traffic as there appears to be a trend of "YOY declining" traffic. According to the article Data Shows eBay's Traffic YOY Continues to Slide by Ina Steiner of AuctionBytes, Ebay had a 5.2 percent drop in Uniques in March 2009. With that said, it just reinforces the important of having PPC as a viable option to promote these products. This is quite evident in what I have seen in Aviation Art and I am sure in other industries.

Some Simple PPC Strategies: (The Obvious Holistic Best Practice)

  • Create Individual Adgroups for every Aircraft Make and Model. This also means creating Text Ads with the name of the aircraft in the Ad. There should not be too many Trademark related issues, so take advantage of it.
  • Use the Longtail Keyword. Some searchers will search for "P40", others will search for "P40 Oil Panting". The longtail is especially effective here because of the following
    • Minimal competition
    • More cost effective
    • Better ROAS/ROI Potential
  • Have a product specific Landing Page be about the "P40  Oil Painting" and other "P40" artwork ONLY. Have a CTA (Call to Action), Add to Cart, Description, Price, Shipping Information, Payment Information etc…. Basically give the user everything they would need to know on that one page.

In Conclusion:

I chose this topic because I enjoy Aviation Art and when I see these amazing artists not taking advantage of what is available to them, it motivates me to put on my PPC Geek Hat and talk about it. It my opinion and experience with attending Airshows leads me to believe that older demographics of this industry are a good reason for the lack on online focus. However, that is quickly changing because the generations are merging. The "Baby Boomer" who lived or parents lived through Vietnam and WWII are now being influenced by their children who are classified as the Echo Boomer and X/Y Generation. This Generation Gap continues to shrink as more and more consumers use the Internet. Aviation Art, as well as ALL ART on the Internet should not make the artist look like a "starving artist". 

I would also like to personally thank Aviation Photographer Larry McManus for his permission to letting me use one of his fabulous High Quality Photographic Prints for this blog post. To read more about Larry or to view his entire collection of Aviation Prints, please visit and tell him SemGeek sent you.

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  1. Dear SemGeek,
    Although we are not in the PPC game, I would like to direct you to’s fine collection of aviation art from such artists as William S. Phillips, Craig Kodera, Keith Ferris, Frank Wootton and Jody Fulks Sjogren. Unfortunately, a search of P40 on our site yielded no results. But feel free to browse our selection of limited edition prints. Our site has just been updated to include a detailed search, the ability to browse by subject and a shopping cart system.
    BTW, I enjoyed Larry McManus’s exciting photography! Let me know if you find something you like at our site.
    Best Wishes

  2. Frugalocal says:

    Good points about creating an effective PPC campaign. Long tail keyword phrases are the way to go for quality traffic and cost savings.

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