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Why Leveraging Facebook Advertising Is Key To Future PPC Success

I strongly believe that PPC Marketing is starting to (or will soon) shift its main focus from competitive Search Networks back to the Display Advertising Networks in order to enable online advertisers to better learn and understand the behavioral trends that will complete the conversion cycle from searcher to loyal customer. I also believe that the STRICT business objectives of the “immediate conversion” as the main deciding factor on determining success will be downplayed as well. (For example: Google’s View Through Conversions for Display Ads which use the Adsense Cookie)

To reinforce this perspective, I feel that many PPC Advertisers can learn a whole helluva lot from Social Conversational sites such as Facebook and apply it to the mainstream Display Advertising Strategies.

I never thought I would be saying this, but as the PPC world evolves, more and more advertisers are starting to get their confidence back in the Display and Content Networks again. This is also the case for Facebook, which should not be looked at as just a test, but rather more of a preferred prerequisite for all PPC Strategies. In this article, I will highlight some ideas why we should look at Facebook and what we can learn from their data.

Leverage Facebook, Don’t Hate It
In my humble opinion, I never liked Facebook Advertising as I just didn’t feel it deserved a piece of the PPC Ad Spend Pie. However, I know this opinion varies depending on what your companies/client’s products are services are. It is certain that for some advertisers, it has been very beneficial and for others a complete waste. What’s important is not any specific performance metric, it’s more about the behavioral data and how we can apply it on a larger scale where we can segment specific demographics, psycho graphics, etc…. THAT IS THE TRUE GOLDMINE.

What Can We Learn From Facebook Ads:
Without looking at the marketing spiel on the Facebook Ads page, we need to understand that Facebook simply offers different types of  data that Google does not offer. This is a Socially-connected entity where persuasion and word of mouth far exceeds a Top-Notch Adwords Campaign.

In addition, it’s not so much about the conversion as it is the initial engagement. The metrics of driving qualified traffic that must result with a specific CPA, vs CPM model should be ignored at this point because it’s just R&D money. It’s a different perspective on understanding the WHO, WHAT, WHERE and HOW visitors socially interact with your Ad message.

For example, what if your company or client offers specific products and services geared to a specific Age Group or GEO Location, wouldn’t you like to know if there are any missing opportunities based on their behaviors and not so much the conversion? There are many reasons why we need to connect these behaviors and tie them directly to the demographics, geography, generational gaps, etc… so we can apply what we have learned to larger (outside) Networks such as Google.

In Conclusion:
Understanding how people think, behave and interact online is the driving force behind online marketing success. It’s a complex monster to try and figure out all of the elements that make a successful or failed marketing strategy For example, you are asking yourself: (is it was my Ad?,  Keywords? Landing Pages? Prices? Shopping Cart?, Usability?) Now, with sites like Facebook where you can advertise based on interests, behaviors, age, geo, etc… it allows us PPC Marketers to redefine how we drive not only qualified traffic, but also predict “High valued” visitors that have a better intent to convert.

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