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Why PPC Marketers Should Adopt A More “Stock Portfolio Approach” To Their Strategies

With the latest Buzz about the return of Gordon Gekko on the Big Screen with the Latest Movie “WALL STREET: Money Never Sleeps“, I figured it was the right time to write a post about how some of the smaller Search Engine Advertising Platforms, such as Looksmart, who have been evangelizing their “Stock Portfolio” approach to their existing customers and prospects. In this post, I want to discuss a different approach to search engine visibility tactics, including those from Looksmart, who have a different philosophy which deserves some attention, as well as Trellian’s Direct Search Network
It’s no secret. Google rules the Search Marketing World, Yahoo/Bing are following second and typical PPC Advertisers are not willing to spend any PPC Ad dollars outside of those (3) three engines. Not a bad strategy, but consider the other opportunities that are available that may not be getting the attention they deserve. In fact, there has been more buzz around around other Ad Platforms such as Trellian and Looksmart who are trying to capitalize on the little market share that is still available.
With the increasing interest in Display Advertising, Behavorial/ReMarketing, Google sure does make it difficult for other Search Engines to try and come up with something that Google does not already control. For example, according to Kaley Dobson at Looksmart, Google and the other big engines (although now, with the Microsoft – Yahoo integration, we can effectively now make “engines” singular) get the lion’s share of query volume.”
Dobson also goes on to say that according to recent 2010 Nielsen Company data on the top U.S. search providers, Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft together represent 92 percent of the market share of searches. As a result, they secure the bulk of search marketers’ ad spend. But not all of it. The other 8% of searches – traffic not being monetized by the big engines – account for significant opportunity. There are clicks and conversions to be capitalized on, and savvy search marketers understand the benefits of diversifying their ad spend. At LookSmart, we’ve been evangelizing this idea for a long time, often advising advertisers to adopt a “Portfolio Approach” to search advertising. When advertisers manage their search portfolio like their stock portfolio and diversify their ad spend wisely, they often see impressive results and more money in their pockets.”
To reinforce this movement to penetrate the Search Market Share, Trellian’s new Direct Search Network also believes that there are many cost-effective opportunities to capitalize on. In a recent interview I had with Trellian, they believe that their Direct navigation platform bypasses search engines altogether in which a visitor is redirected straight to your website, unlike organic or paid search your customer does not have to decide which ad or listing to click. Hence, No competing ads, no banners, no organic listings. According to Trellian Recent independent studies by Mozilla and UCLA confirmed that direct navigation is a major part of the web user experience. Researchers discovered that direct navigators behave differently to traditional search engine users in three key ways: Far higher purchase intent-Not browsing, looking to buy -Not looking at alternative products or services.”
In Conclusion:
As we continue to see more and more companies trying to play in the Search Marketing space, PPC Advertisers should embrace these new opportunities. Just focusing on Google and Yahoo/Bing is not the only way to drive traffic an conversions. It’s always at the top of our list, but there is a reason to pay close attention and at least try these smaller yet innovative Search Marketing Services. In my opinion, finding “little goldmines” in search are not always easy to find. But the more we try new platforms and test different audiences and messages, these little goldmines could be a simple mouse click away.

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