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Why PPC Marketers Should Be Passionate About Their Client’s Business

PPC Marketers Need To Be Passionate About Their ClientsYou know, it’s easy to provide good PPC Tactics to any client, but to be honest, the PPC Marketer must take a more passionate role in the client’s business because if they want to move the “performance needle” they need to understand more than their basic products/services. Whether the PPC marketer inherits an existing account or initiates a new one, the discovery phase of the kickoff call must be more than just basic questions, they need to be more “in-depth” and almost downright personal. Most of the time, the client is very passionate about their business and expect the PPC guru to be just as involved with the business as they are. If there is a random drop in conversions, the PPC marketer better be in top of this and voice their concern to the client and vice versa for increased conversions.

Continue the Discovery Phase After The Kickoff Call:
Just because you already had the kickoff call, doesn’t mean you do not need to ask more questions. In fact, the most intuitive questions and strategy shifts that makes the most difference happen during the first couple months of the relationship. If you have a scheduled weekly or monthly call, always have a handful of questions to keep the client’s confidence in you that you are just not the same old PPC Agency.

The client would like to here new ideas or other search or social media related trends that you are seeing perhaps with another client. There is nothing more important that open communication on hat is happening (good or bad), what is being done about it and what is next on the optimization, expansion or testing pipeline.

Read and “Re-Read” the Client’s Website Content
This sounds like a no-brainer, but if you want to know more about the client’s products and services you better find a quiet room in the office and get a good understanding of the keywords, phrases and even paragraphs within the website. The best content for writing Text Ads will most likely come from the existing content and in keeping with Quality Score, Relevancy and continuation from “before the click” to “after the click”.

Writing Text Ads is more than just (25) characters for the Title and (35) characters for the descriptions and just filling whatever you can to fill in those areas. It’s about taking what is found on the website and applying marketing-centric messages that not only get the attention of the user, but also compliment what the advertiser is actually offering.

Indirect Keywords Are The Goldmines:
Whether in conversation or direct questioning, finding out other ways that people label their services or products are an easy way to drive increased conversions and lowered acquisition costs. What I mean is, PPC Marketers usually rely on Keyword Research Tools to find the terms that people search for to find their products or services. However, there are times where the Keyword Tool does not go deep enough and the best keyword tool is the client’s business interaction with their “offline” efforts. This can also be found within the websites “internal search results”. The main point here is simply ask the client if there are other ways to say the same thing.

In Conclusion:
The best thing a PPC Marketer can do is to honestly care about the client’s business and start learning everything you can about their business. It’s much more complex than driving specific keywords to their site. I also think that taking on a new client requires the PPC Marketer to “on occasion” impress the client with their knowledge of their business. PPC is becoming much more than keywords, it’s evolving into a multi-faceted strategy where finding the searches through keywords, visual Ads, mobile networks and social networking. So the more you know about the client, the better your chances are for leveraging the clients performance.

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