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Why PPC Marketing is Becoming a Universal Language

Recently, I was asked to review an Adwords account that was in a completely different language. At first, I was a little  skeptical about how effective I could be at understanding the account, especially since I could not understand any of the keywords, text ads and landing pages. But honestly, I was surprised to know that it did not matter all that much and I came to realization that “in this case” Strategy was just as important as the “blocking and tackling” and execution of the strategy. Let me explain….

When we follow the Quality Score methodology, it creates a visual outline of the individual tactics. And regardless of the “stuff” we put into the account, it’s how the tactics are used to push the “stuff” to the audiences. So in essence, as long as we know the Tactical Best Practices, it does not matter what language your campaigns are in.

Some Obvious Tactical Guidelines for any language

  1. Keyword Matching for search terms (avoid too many Broad Matching terms)
  2. Negative Keyword Matching (avoid broad match)
  3. Search Query Mining: Find the “golden longtails”
  4. Google Search Only vs. Network Partners (based on conversions)
  5. Different Bidding Options (CPM, CPC, CPA)
  6. Watch out for too many DKI instances in Text Ads

In conclusion:
Regardless of any language barriers at the Keyword, Text Ad and Landing Page levels, all you need to worry about is the Core Campaign Settings and Quality Score Best Practices. Furthermore, it’s not so much about the translation of the keyword and understanding what it means, rather it’s the all of the other settings and best practices surrounding the keywords. This is why PPC can be considered a universal language.

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  3. Saija says:

    I think you are right, you can set the basics right for a PPC account that’s not in a language you can understand – however if you really wish to optimise and expand the account to boost conversions and CTR, I think you do need to know the language, or use a translator.

    How would you otherwise go about adding long tail keywords and perhaps adding new negatives? How about new CTA testing in the ad texts?

    But yes, for the basic, best practice PPC account set up, you can don fine without knowing every language in the world 🙂


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