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Why The “WHAT” Is More Important Than The “HOW” In PPC Marketing

What-vs-how-in-ppc-marketin Whether you are a PPC Pro, Novice or someone who just wants to learn more about Paid Search Marketing, you are most likely reading the same old blog posts about how to game the Google Adwords machine with NEW tricks of the trade by all the PPC experts. However, in this blog post I am not focusing on tricks, but rather questioning the "real" importance of understanding the bigger picture of the key objective, which would eventually make some of the really "kewl" tactics useless if it's the wrong audience you may be targeting. Let's discuss…..

Most likely you are very familiar with PPC related blog posts which talk about specific tricks and tactics about how to organize keyword groups, which keyword matching types are better than others, how to effectively write a text ad, etc…. Now, that is all great stuff, right! Of course, it makes you a better, well-rounded PPC Geek. However, it is this SemGeek's opinion to shed light on a different area of PPC that requires some "outside the box" thinking that provides a different perspective on the everyday "in the weeds" life of search marketing.

Why the "HOW" is Overrated:
Anyone who talks about PPC probably already knows about quality score and the buzz word "relevance". I am even going out on a limb by saying that anyone can do a decent job in PPC if they read a few blog posts or attended a conference knows about quality score. It's not that hard, right! C'mon, there are only soo many tricks of the trade that can be done to maximize a Campaign, Adgroup and Keyword.

Did you ever once ask yourself the following questions?

  1. I have done everything possible and just barely returning a profitable ROAS or ROI?
  2. I cannot waste any more time on this adgroup and should I cut back or just pause the adgroup entirely?
  3. The client wants to keep this adgroup, but it's poorly performing and hurting my performance contract?
  4. These Text Ads are just horrible, but the client refuses to change them or even test new ones.
  5. The client refuses to increase the Ad Spend that is needed to try new things.

These are common questions that every PPC Marketer has or will have to deal with eventually. Now, the point I am trying to make is that no matter how smart you are with Quality Score or how Savvy you are with a client, what matter most is PERFORMANCE. It is this reason, which leads me to why the "WHAT" is more important that "HOW". Let me explain.

Why the "WHAT" is more important:
Ok, we already discussed that pretty much anyone can do the "HOW". How-ever (hee hee), what really matter is a complete understanding the client's business both online and offline. There are many ways to communicate to existing clients and new prospects, and picking the right one's from the start is what truly makes a "PPC Rockstar". It's not the tactics, but what you apply those tactics to. You can have the utter most best quality score campaign ever created, but if it's for a product the client does not sell, It DOESN'T MATTER. If you find a great keyword that drives a ton of cheap traffic, but does not convert, it DOESN'T MATTER

Why A PPC Strategy is About the "WHAT"

The PPC Marketer needs to think about the Strategy on different levels and phases. For example, the best thing you can do is get a good understanding of the client's business before you map out the plan. Also keep in mind that a strategy is about "what" to promote, not "how" you are going to promote it. The more "angles" and audiences you can identify, the better you can understand how they will respond.

  • Seasonal calendar
  • Historical Top Products/Services
  • Competitive advantages (if any)
    • Warranty
    • Price
    • Discounts
    • Shipping Rate
    • Models (older models)
    • Live Tech Help
  • Industry Slang/buzz words used by users/clients, etc…
  • Participating Manufacturer names
  • Past trademarks names that customers are familiar with.

In Conclusion:
PPC is becoming a highly competitive and saturated advertising vehicle that anyone, even a kid in the basement, can participate in. Furthermore, It is this uniqueness which make it a different monster as compared to all the other "offline" advertising outlets. With that said, finding ways to make a reasonable ROI or ROAS% continues to get more and more difficult to achieve and that is why it really comes down to what you are advertising more than how you are doing it. Of course, the 'HOW" of PPC is obviously important. But wasting time "tweaking" something that will never reach an acceptable success is just a waste of time.

“WWW? Nice toy, but what a waste of time.” – Bill Gates

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  1. It is so important to understand a clients overall business to fully be able to maximize any online marketing approach, not just PPC.

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