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Yahoo Panama Craze (aka crazy)

The new Yahoo Panama Import Tool experience has been quite humorous to say the least. The Yahoo Panama Craze is now just driving us all Crazy.  It appears that one of the biggest flaws so far, are the Yahoo Import tools (3rd Party & their own Yahoo Import Tool) that they offer to the larger spend customers. Over the past couple weeks, the dealings with 10-15 different reps over  have been very strenuous, aggravating and time consuming. However, even though most of the yahoo reps. were very nice, the timeframes they gave us for converting these files ranged from "2 weeks to a couple hours." I am truly surprised that Yahoo (stock symbol: YHOO) didn’t "hammer out" all of these bugs before forcing a large segment of customers to the new platform.

The mimicking of Adwords in terms of it’s structure is quite on the money. In fact, there are some new bells and whistles that look pretty nifty, but need further testing. But in today’s somewhat misconeption that SEM is an immediate source of additional revenue, they could at the very least, could of made it easier for us to spend money and drive traffic.

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  1. With the implementation of Panama on Yahoo!, small businesses will have to look to other Internet Marketing choices like bookmarking, directories, and text links.

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