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Yahoo PPC Looking Attractive Again – Just Stay Away From The Content Network

It took me 5 seconds into a call with a Yahoo Rep who told me something to the effect of "yeah, I would avoid the Content Network for now, because were having reporting problems with it and don’t expect to see it fixed anytime soon. After I heard that, I said "Good thing your CPCs are much lower than Google’s because what else are you good for these days"

But think about it, other than shaking your head at Yahoo in disbelief, why would you put a single dollar into a program where you cannot do the following: Run a report and see the referring Urls? Or allow you to exclude URLs after they have ran and are bleeding you dry? As far as I know, NO, NO, NO. So why are they even offering it? To add my fuel to the fire, they automatically activate it (like Google) when you create a new campaign. Even with this debacle, Yahoo still has a future in their Cards. Let me explain.

Let’s Consider a Different Perspective:
Google knows this Content Network weakness and I am sure that is one of the reasons why they are putting more R&D into enhancing this once "bastardized step-child" (other reason to squeeze more money) and making it more manageable. I am still not 100% happy with it yet as there are still many ”shady" parts to it [domain ads, error pages, etc..] but at least they allow you to exclude sites and reveal who is in their network of partnering sites. Here’s an interesting Forum (back in 1007) about a similar topic on Webmaster World – Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click Advertising. So where am I going with this….

Yahoo Needs to play to It’s Advantage:
Ahh, here I go. I know this sounds crazy, but Yahoo does have a unique advantage over Google and it’s all about taking advantage of Google’s increasingly Disciplined Quality Score and skyrocketing CPCs. Furthermore, the advertisers who can best leverage this difference in CPCs are the Political Candidates bidding on very generic issues like Illegal Immigration, War in Iraq, as well as more mainstream advertisers in the retail, financial and entertainment industry.

Quality Score Difference:
Yahoo does not put as much emphasis into the quality of Landing Pages as Google does. And they are not getting Monopolous in nature (did I just create a Greggorism?, Liana Evans….) as Google is with the CPCs. So in order to keep the budget from getting out of control, Yahoo appears to be attractive again to Search Marketers as well as VPs of marketing because you can get a much lower CPC for a head term and or even a highly competitive long tail.

Change of the Search Tide?
As the recession lingers on and Google continues to alter it’s algorithm to increase the CPCs to make their investors happy, Yahoo seems more and more appealing to keep the money from breaking your bank. Also, with Analytics continuing to make an impact in search, more and more advertisers will realize that cannot simply afford Google anymore. In fact, when advertisers start realizing their profit margins are not what they were before and applying them to ROAS and ROI metrics, they will start to realize the value in putting more money into Yahoo.

In conclusion:
Online Marketing Budgets will probably either decrease or even balance itself out due to a shift in the overall Ad Spending where online will steal more share form the other offline channels. With that said, as the beginning of a recession settles in PPC marketers will need to figure out how to best to manage their clients or companies online budgets as well as get the ROAS/ROI needed to keep the business profitable.

Google is becoming a very expensive playground to play in. The amount of money they require these days to play the game is starting to effect "real" online marketing decisions and Yahoo needs to step up and get their pipelines moving faster. Yahoo is in a unique position to take advantage of our deteriorating economic conditions and capitalize on moving up the ranks for that % of PPC spend.

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5 Responses to "Yahoo PPC Looking Attractive Again – Just Stay Away From The Content Network"

  1. I had forgotten all about Yahoo. Thanks for the heads-up. I’m off to investigate keyphrase rates.

  2. it looks attractive, thanks

  3. Shia Leigh says:

    Your right about Google costs moving up. Automatically activating the content network is a real pain. I have many customers who do not even realize that the content network is running. Adding cost to the campaign for very little return.

  4. Panama was a joke, kinda’ like puttin’ lipstick on a pig. Yahoo! inventory/traffic is such that any large increase in advertisers will cause the costs to sky rocket due to any increase in number of bidders affecting the prices, after all it is an auction. Prices are low because no one wants to be there. 😉
    Yes, it takes some time… but once you get the Google content network filtered you can stabilize your costs significantly. I prefer it to the search network because I believe the abuse happens on the 404 error pages and domainers so… I schedule the search network to be offline during the hours I think are riskier. IMO, you should be able to just opt out of that B$ with a single tick in a box in the campaign settings.

  5. satish says:

    Hi All as i am running a bingo blog i would like to do some ppc for that ..if any one have idea about it please reply me. I just need some suggestions as i have experience in e commerce sites and other service sites also.

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