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Yahoo Search Planning on Improving International Search Networks with Bing Alliance

I figured this has been an OLD ISSUE for years, but it’s just hard to imagine that some Search Engine Advertising Platforms still do not make it easy for anyone to spend their Ad dollars across global networks. Google has quickly succeeded at this by allowing any typical search account to drive traffic across all countries and search networks with a click of a button. However Yahoo still has not adapted to this, but as I wad told by Yahoo (and frankly assumed) that once the alliance with Bing takes over, that geo targeting problem will be a thing of the past. Let’s discuss….

Before I contacted Yahoo as to why I could not choose a different country, I was asking myself questions like:

  • “Why the hell can’t I choose a different country?”
  • Is something broken with this account?
  • Is the client’s account not spending enough?

Ask your Yahoo Rep to Help You Find an International Rep.
Frankly, I was surprised to know that Yahoo does not necessarily support multiple countries outside of USA and Canada through a U.S. created Sponsored Search Account. In order to advertise outside of the US, you will have to get in contact with an International Account Rep. who has to assist you.

Here’s another Temporary Work-Around:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the country you want to advertise in.
  3. Go to that country’s home page and at the bottom you will find the “Advertise With Us” link.
  4. Click that link an you’ll be able to open an account.

However, Yahoo told me that even though this is not the best process to follow, it will be phased out and be much easier once the Search Alliance goes through.

Yeah, that would make it easier to spend more ad dollars.

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